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Face to Face Tours

Traditional face-to-face tours walking from one place to another. These tend to last between an hour and two. Every walking tour we make has a specific theme woven through it. These are great to breathe history in while your guide answers any questions you may have.

Colorful Buildings

Custom & Private Tours

Our bespoke tours adapt to your specific needs. We deliver these in person or online, for individuals, couples, families, groups, and special tour parties (schools, cruise ships, business, etc).  Just tell us what your vision is and we will make it happen.

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Virtual Live Tours

Livestreamed tours where you still get the walking tour experience without physically being there. These are perfect alternatives for people who may not be able to go somewhere but still want to have a taste of it. You get to participate and ask questions to your guide so the experience is still tailored to you as if you were on a face-to-face tour.  

Phone Camera

Pre-Recorded Tours

Perhaps you prefer looking at sites at your own pace, but you want to have guide-like information at hand? We get you! With our pre-recorded tours you get the same quality of information as if we were there with you, at your convenience.

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