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About Travelusion

Travelusion is the combination of the words travel and illusion. This is in reference to our hybrid tour guiding model of in-person and virtual tours. As a hybrid tour guide company, we offer guided tours in the UK and abroad, both online and offline. The idea for Travelusion started during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the travel restrictions stopped tourism, many historic sites and tourist communities encountered financial difficulties. In addition, travellers could not enjoy travelling the world and connecting with the very fabric of society. Moreover, as we are also a bilingual company - 'Illusion' in Spanish means the same in English, but also something that brings joy. We work hard to share our joy for travelling, history and culture.


Moreover, travelling can be expensive and daunting. Many sites are still not accessible for many people due to physical, political, and socioeconomic issues. And so, Travelusion is the perfect combination of our dream to make tourism more accessible, affordable and sustainable. A lot of people cannot afford a holiday, let alone a tailor-made tour to fit their needs. Perhaps you can do all these things, but you do not have the time to learn on your own all the juicy bits and gems that make a tour special. That’s where we come in. Whether you are joining a virtual or face-to-face guided tour, our job is to ensure that you have a good time and enjoy our heritage.

Beautiful English countryside photo taken on a travelusion guided tour in the UK
Enjoying the View
Virtual Tourism

Virtual tourism is the perfect alternative to these obstacles bringing people and places together from the comfort and safety of your home. Travelusion is also part of a movement within the humanities that advocates for the digitisation of history and culture. In the age of technology; heritage, art, and culture are at risk of suffering a disconnect from people. There is an active crisis in the humanities and the arts, where educational institutions, heritage sites, and culture are forgotten.

However, we believe this is the legacy of mankind, and we should use new technologies to help us appreciate it, preserve it and connect with it. We are advocates for engaging with history and culture directly and actively, which is why we offer face-to-face tours. But for when this is not possible, we got you covered.

About Me -
Dr Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez

My first trip abroad was at the early age of 2. My family took me to Paris on the train, and I had a blast! I am lucky to have a family with a passion for having adventures and discovering new exciting places, so I just embraced it with my whole being. I love jumping on a plane and going somewhere new. But I also enjoy a road trip somewhere local to rediscover things that perhaps I took for granted. There is something special and worth exploring everywhere: you just need to look out for it.

My passion for tour guiding started in 2010 in Winchester (UK), where I learned the ropes to be a Cathedral Tower tour guide. Operating at other local sites, I developed my knowledge of the touring industry by engaging with tour operators, cruise ships, summer schools, and the general public. With my academic knowledge of history and culture and my love for traveling, I have taken my tour guiding passion beyond the UK. I have taken individuals and small groups around Europe. Having organised travel, I have booked events and selected the best experiences for the trip and the individual needs. The things I want to show you should not just be kept inside dusty history books!

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